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Protection for the most important things

Keep your family protected against whatever life throws at you.

What happens when you're gone?

It's a tough question, but one you need to ask. Will your loved ones be secure if the worst comes to pass?

Are you the sole bread-winner?

If your income is all that supports your loved ones, shouldn't you protect it? Income protection can help.

They might not be happy thoughts, but considering what's at stake, it's important to think about how you can protect your family and loved ones.

I am not a hard sell person, I like to treat all my clients with good old fashion customer service.

My business spans from the NT through to the ACT. My background is in sales and has been most of my working life. I first became an Insurance Adviser in 2002, and continued for a few years, then went on to selling advertising for the Real Estate industry and local new papers in North Queensland. I came back to the insurance industry in 2009 knowing this was where my passion lies, and have been in this industry ever since.

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Kerry Boler Insurance Adviser

Protect their future

Whether it's a temporary inability to work, permanent injury, serious illness or worse, the right insurance cover can make the world of difference. Find out what's best for you now.